Cost for Therapy

Your 1st Call is FREE

Your initial contact with Cheri is a free 15-minute call.

Phone & Face-to-Face Sessions  $90.00/hr. 

Step 1: Meet Cheri, share your story, ask questions.

When meeting in person, Cheri completes fun observation screening activities to learn more about your visual processing needs.

Step 2: Complete a Moore Auditory Visual Questionnaire with Cheri or a loved one.

Register, choose, and pay for a Moore Auditory-Visual Questionnaire Report, cost $25.00, to receive your automatically generated report.

Step 3: Email Cheri your Moore Auditory Visual Questionnaire Report


Step 4: Schedule an in-person or phone session 757-615-9985.

Step 5: Review Moore Auditory Visual Questionnaire Report and decide on next steps.

Based on report, Cheri may complete additional evaluations.

Recieve emotional support, referrals, accommodation letters, educational support, advocacy support, …

Step 6: Together, create an intervention plan.

Complete a Case History with Cheri in person or over the phone.

I create a formal case history document helpful in communicating with professionals, doctors, and using during disability hearings.

Payment Options: 

QuickBook payment links are sent by email keeping your credit card information confidential. 

  • Electronic Funds Transfer 
  • Credit cards accepted (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express)

Insurance information coming soon.