pictures of Cheri Moore wearing glasses standing by a red brick wall wearing a sweater with a cream turtleneck and dark red wide block or red going down.

Meet Cheri

I enjoy getting to know people, learning, and creating gluten and dairy free recipes. At heart, I am a country girl who enjoys gardening, horses, and animals. Moving and meeting new people was my norm as I grew up because my father was a Marine.

When I fell in love with a man who passionately served his country in the Navy, my heart said yes while my mind wondered how I would cope with so many moves, being alone, and later parenting alone. Thankfully, most of our time was spent near the ocean resulting in rare moves and development of close friendships.

We have three grown children whom I homeschooled during their elementary years of education. My licensure as a special education teacher and love of learning helped me meet the needs of my children and others. The years I spent working with other homeschool families sent me into the world of research as I sought answers to their struggles.


There are many adventures ahead as I plan on staying very active during these precious days we call life. I am now a grandmother with a husband who recently retired from the Navy.

I am looking forward to building my practice,, meeting the auditory, visual, and emotional needs of clients.

My next adventure is launching sharing my knowledge with professionals and providing consulation support.


l dream of facilitating research with hopes of validating my work. I would then use the increase revenue to provide financial relief for individuals and families who need therapies not covered by insurance like auditory integration training and vision therapy.