Brain and Birth Injuries

Do you have a hairline fracture on your skull from a concussion?

Was there trauma before or during birth?

People affected by brain injuries or birth injuries like cerebral palsy or other disabilities limiting mobility need stimulation provided by alternative therapies.

Need Help?

Cheri Moore supports emotional health while building an individualized intervention plan to improve your ability to respond and maintain progress after therapy.



It is an honor to work with Cheri Moore on her journey with auditory integration therapy.  She has shown a consistent desire to go above and beyond in every aspect of her practice and training.  Cheri’s quest for greater understanding and her thirst for knowledge are demonstrated daily. It is a pleasure to work with a professional who is so eager to learn and apply new information to help her clients reach their best possible outcomes.

Kathy J Harvey-Jones, MsEd, Audiology, BC-HIS

An Auditory-Visual Approach to Brain and Birth Injuries

Moore Auditory Integration Training, LLC works with you to improve emotional and physical health through Auditory Integration Training and screening for auditory processing and visual processing difficulties.

My love for learning and personal experiences working with clients led me to discover numerous reasons why many clients struggle to respond to therapy and maintain progress.

By listening to your story and experiences, we work together to develop an action plan based on the combination, intensity, and duration of your behaviors.

Importance of Ear Health and Cranial Skull Bone Spacing and Alignment

Did you know that the bones in your mouth, jaw, and skull all play a critical role in 50% of your hearing? Your skull bones include the bones on the top of your mouth and the structures that affect your dental development. More than 21 bones conduct sound to your hearing system, the cochlear and vestibular system. 

Do you have a double uvula or a soft cleft palate decreasing bone density?

Do you have a hairline fracture on your skull from a concussion?

Are there past or ongoing ear infections, eustachian tube inflammation, or enlarged adenoids?

Eagle nearing lake water to catch a fish. Would you hear and look?

What Is Common Is Not Normal

According to Dr. Martin Rosen, DC and Dr. Nancy Watson, DC we often mistake what is common for normal. I agree.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson share behaviors commonly seen that are clues regarding your cranial skull bone spacing and cervical-spinal alignment on pages 26 -28 of their book, It’s All In the Head (2021). In the link below, Dr. Houser provides a video illustrating what happens to your brain and body when the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid to the brain is disrupted.

Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson emphasize the importance of checking the nervous system of all babies after birth and all individuals after trauma to the head. Why is it so important? They share that,

“The nervous system processes all stimuli and facilitates all movements, functions, and developments throughout their life. “

By Dr. Martin Rosen, & Dr. Nancy Watson (2021). It’s All In the Head Common Vs. Normal Cranial Distortions And What It All Means. Peak Potential Institute, Inc.

How Do You Know There Is A Need for Action?

When cranial distortions exist, knowing what to observe is essential. Equally important, the brain needs direct intervention to improve the ability of the eyes to work well together and the ears to work strongly together. Afterward, you can improve the integration of sounds with sights resulting in more instinctive motor responses. It is also easier to listen, comprehend, and remember.

There is a need for action when:

  • There are behavioral or learning difficulties
  • Development delays exist
  • Emotional distress like crying spells, outbursts, and unexplained irritability
  • Physical limitations
  • Medication improves behavior and learning, but when you stop the medication, their difficulties quickly return
  • Any of the 5 Surprising Reasons Hearing Loss Begins

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Share your story and ask questions to learn how we can work together.

Cerebral Palsy Guide hyperlink. Music therapy is a fun, extracurricular activity.

Find national resources through our Find a Provider webpage, your state’s Brain Injury Association, and the Cerebral Palsy Guide.

Support is available for all ages affected by physical injuries at birth and their loved ones.

Therapeutic play provides the brain with stimulation needed for emotional, physical, and cognitive development
· Acupuncture
· Aquatic therapy
· Hippotherapy (horses)
· Music therapy

Learn Who Benefits

Read a Who Benefits web page and watch videos pertaining to your area(s) of concern: sound intolerance, visual processing difficulties, central auditory processing difficulties, and hearing loss. Enjoy the many blogs to more fully understand your loved one’s world of sights and sounds.

The Cost of Avoiding Vision Therapy

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Unexpected Vision Loss Changed My Life

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5 Surprising Reasons Hearing Loss Begins

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