The inner ear’s vestibular system processes sensations of movement coordinating head, neck, and eye movements.

Individualizing hearing evaluations for ages three and older with behavioral characteristics of sound intolerance, auditory processing difficulties, and hearing loss.
Advocating for comprehensive hearing and visual evaluations.
Providing individualized Auditory-Visual Training Protocols and In-home, Berard-Based Auditory Integration Training.

Improving your quality of life emotionally, socially, vocationally, and academically.

The Vision

Providing resources to equip and educate parents and professions to recognize behavioral characteristics linked to auditory and visual deficits and dysfunctions with the goal of

  • Facilitating interest in research
  • Furthering education of professionals and the public
  • Providing intervention based on medical evaluations, research, and experience to enhance a person’s ability to respond to intervention and maintain progress resulting in improved quality of life emotionally, socially, vocationally, and academically