Do You Hear Sounds Before Others?

Do you hear sounds before others? Three children are playing in the bedroom: an older sister and brother and a three-year-old preschooler. Mom and Dad are standing nearby in the bedroom visiting with each other. Also, Mom is dusting the dresser. The family knew a train was coming because their toddler consistently ran and hid in his bed pulling a blanket over his head. The first time this happened, nobody heard anything until a minute later. They look at the toddler with surprised looks on their face wondering why the toddler hid under the covers of his bed. The whole family looks in amazement at their preschooler when they heard and saw a minute later a train passing their home. They could never coax their three-year-old to come see the train until three months after Auditory Integration Training. During Auditory Integration Training, the preschooler and parents played and danced with their child. Six months later, the now four-year-old preschooler looked out the door watching the train pass the house. The preschooler is now smiling and dancing while watching the train pass the house. Do you ever hear sounds before others? Click the button on your screen to schedule a FREE Phone Session to learn more about auditory integration training.