What Subconsciously Disrupts Attention, Part 1.

John and his mother, Mae, are spending a Thursday night in the kitchen. The mother is cooking soup. You hear bubbling sounds. John is looking at his homework assignment. Mae walks over to the dryer and turns it on. John ask his mother to read him the homework assignment. While Mae reads out loud, John looks at his mother's lips instead of the paper. Because he is having a hard time hearing his mom speak, because the dryer is so loud. His mother's voice sounds muffled. Then, he suddenly becomes distracted by the sound of the ice falling in the freezer. Mae does not hear the ice. She stops reading because she notices that John is not paying attention. When John is able to refocus and look at his mother, he realizes she has stopped reading. He wonders why she is frowning and staring at him. He thinks, "I guess I will just figure it out myself." His mom ask, "Did you hear anything I just said?" John has no idea what his mother just said and why she is looking so upset with him because he was distracted by all the noise. Find out what happens when John looks down at his paper at HAvIT.courses.