Normal Response or a Concern?

People are enjoying a walk in a town on a cold winter day with snow on the ground. A couple is walking along a sidewalk holding hands. An African American mother and her daughter are enjoying conversation while sitting on a bench. Another mom wearing a headscarf and her daughter wearing a headscarf are walking and talking. Suddenly, a firetruck siren is heard causing the little girl wearing the headscarf to pull her mother as far away from the street as possible. She looks distressed pushing her head into her mother. Meanwhile, the little girl and mother on the bench and the couple wave at the approaching firetruck. As the sound gets very close, Jasmine looks more distressed and covers her ears. The other people also cover their ears, but they are smiling. Once the firetruck passes, the couple wave again and continue walking. The family uncovers their ears, wave, and walk away. However, Jasmine continues to cover her ears. Once she uncovers her ears, Jasmine looks completely exhausted and sad. She walks slowly with her mother to the bench where she sits on her mother's lap looking tired needing time to recover. When her mother suggest hot cocoa, Jasmine smile and thinks happy thought jumping off her mothers lap. Together they walk away holding hands and smiling. Have you thought about the importance of knowing the intensity of a person's response? Follow up questions are critical for understanding the difference between a normal response and a concern. The Moore Auditory and Visual Questionnaire will teach you the right questions to ask. Interested in More In-depth Training? Schedule a Free Phone Consultation on our website.