How I Improved Expressive Speech and Fluency

boy listening to woman in front of him. he is resting his hand on his head
Cheri Moore

Written by Cheri Moore

February 12, 2024

Testimony from the mother of a frustrated speaker and how healthy fats was the key to unlocking his expressive speech. Her profession in education led her to search for answers early on in her son’s life. She was one of my first clients and a case that lead me on a journey to discover how to improve expressive speech and fluency that decreased stuttering.

Testimony: Improving Expressive Speech and Fluency

When my son was three years old, he omitted parts of words. Because it was difficult for his siblings to understand him, he was quicker to use his hands than his words. Thankfully, speech therapy made his speech much easier to understand.

Unfortunately, he continued to struggle to say what he wanted to say. At times, he repeated words, phrases, and even whole sentences. Since his father stuttered, I assumed there was little I could do to help him.

Getting Our Attention

During his years of pre-adolescence, he enjoyed swimming. Surprisingly, the chlorine in the pool caused large dark spots to develop on his skin, eczema. When his father installed charcoal filters in the shower, He received some relief from the constant itching. The filters removed the chlorine. He also switched to swimming in a saltwater pool. However, his skin was still discolored from the eczema.

Around this time, falling asleep began to become more and more difficult. His lack of sleep affected his mood, energy level, and ability to learn. Even though I understood the reason behind his behaviors, I needed help! I began to look for answers.

boy resting his head on his school books instead of using expressive speech

Serotonin Levels Affect Speech Fluency

I scheduled a wellness exam. Surprisingly, the doctor checked his reflexes. I remember my despair when the rubber hammer tapped on his knees and there was no movement. The doctor gave him a score of -2 indicating a significant serotonin deficiency.

After a year of supplements, there were improvements in his reflexes. Now he was a +1. Initially, there were improvements in his sleep, eczema, and speech fluency. I remember thinking that it seemed his brain was unable to use the supplements. He continued to struggle to go to sleep and stay asleep.

Efforts to Improve Expressive Speech and Fluency

My next act was to attend our yearly homeschool convention. I attended workshops that focused on struggling learners. He was a straight A student, but he struggled to write, listen, and express himself.

It was at this convention that I met Cheri Moore. She encouraged me to attend a session about a book called The LCP Solution. After the convention, I began working with Cheri and I read the book.

Upon reading it, I was amazed to learn that 90% of serotonin is made in the gut.

We ate a very healthy diet: homegrown organic vegetables and grass-fed beef from his great-grandparents’ farm. He had a healthy diet that was high in serotonin. I wondered, “Why did he suffer from low serotonin?

As I read The LCP Solution, I discovered that serotonin must attach itself to long-chain fatty acids to cross the brain barrier. I was right! Despite taking serotonin supplements, his body was unable to efficiently carry the serotonin up to his brain.

In one of our first meetings with Cheri, she had me complete a checklist from the LCP Solution to see if my son had an omega deficiency. Ironically, I met more characteristics than my son. It turned out that we both needed an omega supplement.

Cheri suggested taking an omega supplement called Efalex. Years later, she reached out to share an even more affordable solution, which she shares in her blog, Why Beef Tallow Surprisingly Improved My Dry Eyes.

Efalex Improved Expressive Speech

Within two weeks of taking Efalex, my son’s ability to focus improved so much that he wanted to take Efalex with his lunch. Gradually, there were some improvements in his ability to go to sleep and stay asleep. At the end of three months, his eczema and red eyes were completely gone. I was thrilled to observe a more cheerful disposition. About two months later, I realized he was talking my ear off, cracking jokes, and fluent in his speech. Wow! It felt like he was blooming.

efalex brain formula supplement

My son and I believed that Efalex cured his expressive speech difficulties. About a month into summer vacation, he began to struggle to express himself once again. I began to worry.

Why Expressive Speech and Fluency Difficulties Returned

Thankfully, the mystery was unexpectedly solved one hot summer day. Out of curiosity, I asked my son why he wore a T-Shirt while swimming with his friends. He exclaimed, “My eczema is back! I am such an idiot. I stopped taking my Efalex. School was out; I did not need to focus anymore.” Then, he took off his shirt. I was horrified to see that eczema almost completely covered his torso.

Cheri explained to us that researchers found an absent chromosome whose job is to convert food into all the different omega chains. Thus, he would always need to take fish oil with these missing chains. Thus far, the supplement Efalex is the only supplement with these missing chains. It took about two weeks of taking a therapeutic dose of Efalex before his speech once again became more fluent. A month later, his eczema was gone.

Another very unexpected observation made on that day was a return of red eyes. Later whenever his eyes began to look red, I knew he needed help getting back into the habit of taking the full dosage of Efalex. Thus, I began to leave the bottle of Efalex on the table by his placemat in plain sight.

Regression, A Clue

Most interestingly, his regression taught me an important lesson. With Cheri’s help, I learned that even though Efalex improved brain health, my son needed auditory training to strengthen his hearing system. She explained that the oil, Efalex, saturated his brain so much that it allowed his brain to work harder and overcompensate for his learning struggles. She recommended several hearing tests. I also decided to have him complete diagnostic testing. I was desperate for answers before he became a teenager.

Diagnostic Testing Reveals a Clue

His test results provided an invaluable clue. Cheri focused on test results, which showed us areas of needed intervention. When compared to his visual processing skills, his auditory processing skills were much weaker and nowhere near his overall level of intelligence. No wonder he grew so frustrated with himself!

A Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation Provides a Clue

Following Dr. Berard’s recommendations for additional hearing tests, we learned that sound traveled along his skull bones mostly to his left ear.

Memories started popping into my head. At age three, he hit his head so hard on the edge of a wooden toy horse that he needed six stitches. Cheri asked if I had ever seen sticky fluid by his ear when he was little. Yes! That same year his eardrum burst due to fluid in his ear without an ear infection. Wow! This was beginning to make sense.

5 Surprising Reasons Hearing Loss Begins

little boy at school with his head down and his arms and hands covering his face and ears ontop of his paper

Cheri helped us understand why he struggled with expressive speech and fluency. He needed Berard-based Auditory Integration Training. Cheri shared a diagram out of Dr. Berard’s book, Hearing Equals Behaviors. The diagram showed what happens when your voice goes to your left ear instead of your right ear.

I am so thankful Cheri helped us understand the reason our son struggled with auditory processing skills like listening, expressive speech, and fluency. We began to feel hopeful. I will always be thankful for Cheri’s approach to Auditory Integration Training.

Ten years later, my son’s speech is still fluent. He only struggles when he is very tired, which I believe is normal. He also continues to take Efalex.

Mother of a Frustrated Speaker
two preteen boys talking with expressive speech outside

Uniqueness of Efalex

Healthy fats are essential to sustain every function of your body from the beating of your heart to the proper firing of your central nervous system. Your brain’s ability to receive, integrate and send information along your brain’s neural highway is dependent on healthy fats. Are there enough healthy fats saturating your brain’s tissue?

Sixty percent of your brain is composed of fat.

The body is unable to produce fats. Researchers found that individuals with Dyslexia lacked the ability to convert certain foods into essential fats needed for eye health. Thus, our healthy gut’s enzyme activity and genetic makeup converts the food we eat into all the omega chains. When you lack gut health or a diet full of vegetables and healthy fats, you are hurting your brain’s health.

Omega Deficiency Characteristics

  • Dry skin, lips, hair
  • Eczema, hives
  • hard ear wax buildup, ongoing issue
  • GI Distress
  • Asthma
  • Dry, Red Eyes
  • Poor Night Vision
  • Food Allergies and Lactose Intolerance
  • Diagnosis of ADHD or Dyslexia (learning disabilities)
  • Dyspraxia
  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Scientific studies found that the three fatty acids found in Efalex and beef tallow (make sure it is organic grass-fed), arachidonic acid (AA), gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), play an important role in the development and function of our eyes and brains. A healthy supply of these good fats help with learning, concentration, expressive speech, and coordination. Researchers even found improvements in your eye’s ability to tolerate light and see in the dark.

Efalax is the only omega supplement to my knowledge that contains the additional omega chains: GLA and AA. Here is a brief synopsis of the research studies concerning the genetic risk for those with ADHD and Dyslexia. Researchers also found that Efalex is beneficial for fetal health in pregnant women. Continue reading and click on research synopsis to learn more about what researchers learned during development of the omega supplement, Efalex.

General Omega Information

Efalex supports all aspects of brain and eye function.

  • DHA and AA – build important building blocks of the brain, nervous system, and eyes
  • EPA and GLA – needed in the transmission of messages between nerves

Genetics, Lifelong need for an Healthy Oils

Your ability to convert food into all the fatty acid chains is affected by: genetics, stress, high trans-fatty acid diets, high alcohol consumption, viral infections, and various illnesses. The young man in the testimony was very lucky to learn at a young age of his need for an omega supplement. The research behind Efalex was amazing.

Unfortunately, Efalex became unavailable for purchase in the United States. For years, we could purchase Efalex through Canada. Then, in 2023, the price doubled causing me to once again look for answers.

Amazingly, my daughter found an affordable and surprisingly delicious answer with Beef Tallow. Our dry eyes, hair, and skin have become even healthier than when we took Efalex.

Cheri Moore

A DNA Study, The Creation of Efalex

Dr. Stordy’s first study used blood work and a DNA study. Researchers learned “that in the women who had a family history of dyslexia, their diet had not made any difference.” Researchers ensured that the women participating in the study ate a diet full of healthy fats. But, blood work showed an omega deficiency. Their gut failed to convert the food to DHA and AA, the longer-chain omega form demanded by the hungry brain (105).

According to Dr. Stordy there are three key reasons people are so deficient: a major change in food manufacturing processes, people’s dietary habits, and reduced breastfeeding.

“The trans fatty acids formed by hydrogenation of oils act differently in the body than other fats do. They seem to impair the production of the beneficial LCPs. Thus, learning disorders are worse in more highly developed countries.”

pg. 88

Additional studies explored omega supplementation with DHA from microalgae instead of fish oil. They observed a lack of improvements. Thus, the research team focused on creating a combination of DHA fish oils. They analyzed the research participants’ blood samples and DNA results. What they learned filled a whole book and led to the creation of a new omega supplement called Efalex.

Benefits of Efalex

My past clients with sound intolerance and auditory processing difficulties shared the following improvements: better focus, felt more relaxed, improved expressive speech, their eyes slowly lost their dryness and redness, improved sleep, and bumps on their arms that is eczema went away. Equally important, their emotional responses during Auditory Integration Training became more positive.

If you decide to try the Efalex or Beef Tallow, you need to be aware of the following:

  • Efalex increases brain activity. Thus, avoid taking it three hours or less before bedtime.
  • Use Beef Tallow at any time. Frying gives you a crispness that will surprise you leaving the oil in the pan.
  • Gradual improvements occur over a period of months in areas of appropriate appetite, thirst, learning, behavior, and skin health.
  • Dosage is gradually increased to allow the digestive system time to adjust.
  • Your body may detox, because Efalex is an oil that stimulates your bowels.
  • May be needed throughout your life.

It takes three months on the recommended therapeutic dosage to improve brain function and overall health. A therapeutic dosage is a higher amount than what you will take later. Taking a lower dosage means it takes longer, 6 to 9 months, to provide what the cells need each day in addition to what cells need for repair. *If your child experiences a growth spurt, you may need to extend the double dose for another month.

A healthy brain is necessary for anyone to respond strongly to therapies like Auditory Integration Training. I work with you to optimize your response to Auditory Integration Training and vision therapy through my medically-based Moore Auditory-Visual Training Protocols.

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